One of the most Iconic Survival knives in modern times. Originally a collaboration with the now famous Adventurer - TV Celebrity Bear Grylls, the phenomenal success of this knife means that Rob now only offers his S4 models (without the 'Bear' logo) to the exclusion of other models. Even so, the demand proved so great that Rob closed his order book some years ago to cope with the backlog of orders.

This an original Bayley S4 with non serrated blade. The maker signature's "bayleyknife" on the upper tang and serial 15-18 on the lower tang. (18th knife made in 2015)

The knife has black G10 handle scales and it comes with a black leather survival sheath with sharpening stone and fire stick. Leather C.O.A. is included, of course.

CONDITION: knife is brand new and in mint condition. Leather sheath with a few light scuffs, all quite minor.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new Zebra hide / Cape Buffaloe carry case is included. This is a wonderful opportunity to obtain one of these extremely well made knives in "as new" condition, with the added survival items it'd be a fabulous knife for outdoor use. A great addition to any knife collection -- thanks and good luck.