Summary: this is an original Rob Bayley S4-R "Raven". The makers signature "bayleyknife" on the upper tang, serial #16 02 on the lower tang. This knife has a 4.2" RWL34 blade & black G10 handle scales, comes with the original black leather survival sheath and leather C.O.A.

Condition: knife is mint, sheath near mint with a few very light handling scuffs.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case in included. Rob didn't make many of these Compact Raven's, they were somewhat over-shadowed by his S4's. The Raven's are outstanding bushcraft / survival knives, I've had a few requests for this model in the last year or two but never have them in stock or for sale on consignment. This is a great opportunity to pick one up at a fair price, this is one of his last ones as it has the jimping on the spine. (see maker comments below) Suffice to say, it's the real deal with original C.O.A... a perfect addition to any knife collection. Thanks and good luck.

From the maker:

"This S4-Raven is one of the last that I made as all later ones have jimping on the spine. Made in early 2016, I generally only offer them to returning customers who want something different. Very few made, numbering can't be more then 15 pieces."