SERIAL #7 of 10
(also have serial #8 of 10 for sale)
4-1/2" RWL34
Black G10 Scales
Original Black Survival Sheath
Original Leather C.O.A.
Maxpedition Carry Case

Note: I have the last two available, serial #'s 7 & 8. Limited production, ALL the other Anniversary Edition knives have sold.

Summary: this is a brand new Rob Bayley S4-X survival knife. (S4-X = redesigned S4) The makers signature "bayleyknife" on the upper tang, "S4-X anniversary edition #7 of 10" on the lower tang. The knife has a slightly longer 4-1/2" blade & black G10 handle scales. The original black leather survival sheath and C.O.A. both included.

Condition: knife and sheath are brand new, both in mint condition. The original leather C.O.A. included, also perfect.

8 photos of the #01 S4-X for review (#01 has sold) – as shown, a new Maxpedition carry case is included. The original Bayley S4's always sell quickly – this is the serial #7 Limited Edition S4-X to commemorate his 10 years as a knifemaker. It's the real deal in perfect condition and a perfect addition to any knife collection. Thanks and good luck.