Robert Parrish Survival Knife / 1984!
8" Bead Blasted Blade, presumably 440c
Steel Guard Drilled For Lanyards
Serial # On Guard: 1184335
(made in 11/84, #335)
Knurled Hollow Handle
Knurled Steel Butt Cap
Survival Gear in Handle (matches, etc.)
Custom Camo Sheath w/ Front Pouch
Leatherman Tool
New Black Canvas Carry Case

Summary: this is a vintage 1984 Robert Parrish knife in excellent used condition. The photos are spot on and accurate, I've owned dozens of Robert Parrish hollow handle knives in the past and rarely do I have the opportunity to sell a used one at this price point. The blade is a full 8", it does not look to have been resharpened. Light marks on the blade from use / storage, if you're can get past those you're in for a great deal and a real treat. The knurled handle in great shape, handling marks on the end of the butt cap. There’s some survival gear in the handle, probably standard stuff like matches / hooks / sinkers, etc.

The custom camo sheath with leg straps is original to the knife and in excellent condition. Carried but no signs of abuse, all stitching is solid. Large front pouch with a Leatherman tool which has been lightly used.

12 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. Parrish produced one of the best hollow handled survival knives to ever hit the market – made back in the 1980's when the First Blood / Rambo craze was in full swing. If you've owned one of these, you know what I'm talking about. If this is your first look, do yourself a favor and throw this one on your belt or in your bug-out bag. It's as sturdy a survivor knife as you'll ever find, built to last. Awesome package at this price.... AND with a custom sheath and Leatherman! Thanks and good luck.