Rudy Ruana Bowie Knife / 1978
Model 38C Brassback
Overall Length 18"
12-1/4" Tool Steel Blade
Brass Parry Strip
Large 4-1/2" Brass Guard
Elk Horn Handle
Brass Butt Cap
Original Riveted Ruana Sheath
Cape Buffalo Hide Carry Case

Summary: this is a previously owned, near mint condition (just light patina on the brass hardware) Ruana 38c with 12-1/4" blade with bullwhip engraving dated 1978. The 38c is a somewhat rare model, it's a large bladed Bowie made by the man himself.

The original riveted Ruana sheath accompanies the knife, excellent+++ or better condition with just a few light handling marks on both sides. (referenced photos, very minimal)

7 photos for review -- as shown, a new Cape Buffalo hide carry case is included. This would be a great knife to tuck away for collection / investment purposes, overall condition is rather amazing considering it's a nearly 40 year old knife. Thanks and good luck.