Summary: this is an extremely rare hollow handle survival knife made by Running River Knives. It is the first RR knife I've ever owned so research was necessary, apparently this was made in the 1980's by a custom maker named Steve Allen in Riverside, RI.

From the internet:

"This was inspired by the Rambo hollow handled knives of the 1980's. Steve found that most examples of hollow handled survival knives would not pass his rigorous field tests, tending to break where the hollow handle attatched to the blade. Through trial and error he developed a method of attaching blade and handle that would survive extreme abuse.

A copy of an article in the August 1987 "Knife World" containing details about this knife and the maker, as well as the original brochure for this knife is shown in photo 9. (photo from the internet, copy of magazine and brochure not included)

This knife has a 7" clip point bowie blade with a nearly sharp false top edge. The blade is 1/4" thick with a sand blasted finish and is embossed with "RR" on one side. It has a razor edge and is in unused condition.

The knurled hollow handle is 5" long. The screw-in knurled pommel contains a recess for a small brass cased liquid filled compass that is stored in the hollow handle. The pommel also has a rubber O-ring for a weatherproof. The handle pommel and guard are all stainless with a sandblasted finish.

The factory sheath is very well made of heavy duty leather and the pouch contains an unused sharpening stone."

This knife is unused and in excellent+++ or better condition, just a couple of very light handling marks on the guard and some discoloration on the butt cap from where a sticker once resided. (should quickly and easily buff away) The sheath is original to the knife with the original paper "lift the dot" instructions, amazing shape with just light handling marks front and back.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new black canvas case is included. Photo 9 was one I snagged from the internet, shows a couple of brochures I do not have and are not included with this knife. All said and done, you're looking at an extremely rare hollow handle survival knife and original sheath in unused condition, a definite "must have" for any survival knife collection. Awesome piece, made like a tank! Thanks and good luck.