Summary: want bang for your buck? Well, here you go...

This is a custom hand made drop point Hunter made by Tahar Raza. I picked up this knife and two others (fighter-style blades), all three knives are drop dead gorgous and brand new from the maker. This drop point Hunter has a 3-1/2" sharpened edge, blade measures 4" from tip back to the guard. Damascus steel through and through, the scales are Buffalo horn with elaborate mosaic pins. Thong hole at the butt end, leather thong included. Razor sharp with original edge, mint condition.

The knife is paired with a custom Tahar-made pouch sheath with white stitching and inlay on the front, riveted belt loop on the back. Stamped "Tahar" on the front, the sheath has never been on a belt and is in mint condition.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new "Tahar Custom Knife – Maryland USA" carry case is included. This is a very impressive piece and in my opinion worth much more than the asking price, perfect for everyday carry or collection purposes. Thanks and good luck.