Summary: a vintage Timberline Trail Hunter and replacement Neeley SH Survival Hunter sheath. The blade is without any serial numbers -- a limited amount of these "sterile" knives were made in the very early 90's after Timberline's reorganization. Sold mostly to gun shops who carried some of the later Timberlite products, very few were made and they're not often seen for resale. This knife has been very lightly and correctly sharpened but appears unused -- near mint condition with just a few whisper light insertion marks and a couple of wipe marks on the pins.

The knife was without a sheath when I received it, so I placed an order with Vaughn and purchased a brand new Neeley survival hunter sheath for the knife. Fit is perfect -- the sheath even has a sparking flint and hex tool. (hex tool not applicable on this model but included nonetheless)

5 photos for review -- as shown, a new black canvas carry case is included. This is a great price on a 20 year old Timberline knife and new sheath -- a steal at $325 + shipping. Thanks and good luck.