Summary: a very old, very neat, highly collectible Marbles Skin Dress Fillet. (SDF) Original sheath AND box, rarely will you find an old knife like this still paired with the original box. Knife is pretty much mint, unused and never resharpened. A bit of verdigris on the hilt that I left "as-is", thought it best not to mess with it. The original sheath is also in excellent condition, photos pretty much tell the story. The original box is in excellent condition, plastic has faded / clouded a bit but everything is there with no tears.

Note the MARBLE (not Marbles) blade stamp!! (last photo) I've seen a few sheaths with keeper strap snaps stamped this way, but never a knife!

12 photos for review – I'll pack everything VERY carefully and ship the knife in the carry case you see in the photos. Great little vintage Marbles knife, perfect for the Boy Scout in your family. Thanks and good luck.