Vaughn Neeley Knife
"Jimmy Lile First Blood Tribute"
Serial #: 075
14" Overall Length
9" 440c Stainless Steel Blade
Sawteeth: 9 Split & 5 Rake
Bead Blasted w/ Mirror Finish Edges
Screwdriver Guards Drilled for Lanyards
Black Cord Wrapped Hollow Handle
Knurled Aluminum Butt Cap w/ Compass
Neeley-Made Left-Side Carry Leather Sheath
(left-side carry... just like JR's!)
Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
New Embroidered LILE Carry Case

Summary: up for grabs, an incredibly well made Lile First Blood Tribute knife made by Vaughn Neeley. Vaughn made this spectacular rendition of the original with a 9" 440C blade with 14 sawteeth (5 rake and 9 split), mirror polished edges, stainless steel guard with screwdriver tips, hollow stainless steel handle with dark green cord wrap, and knurled aluminum butt cap with embedded compass. This is the #075 knife, it is brand new / unused and in mint condition.

Vaughn made the leather sheath that accompanies the knife, left-side carry complete with stone pouch. It doesn't have that worn, weathered look like John Rambo's movie sheath, that only comes with plenty of use and years of exposure to foul weather. Doubt that will happen, best to enjoy this pristine condition sheath tucked away next to the knife under glass. The sheath is in mint condition, as you can see it's never been removed from the wrap Vaughn Neeley put around it when it left his shop.

9 photos for review -- as shown, a new embroidered LILE carry case is included. This is the #075 knife from what is now a nearly sold out offering – all the past buyers are tickled pink with their knives. I also have the #089 Neeley-made "Rambo - The Mission" 2nd movie knife for sale -- you won't find ANY of the other Lile First Blood Tribute knives available on the market to have such an extraordinarily "clean" look. Perfect for the collector / Lile aficionado – thanks and good luck.