Summary: I've had this TAD hoodie for a long time, I have two of these in OD green so this one's got to go. I think it's a softshell "Stealth Hoodie", it's definitely waterproof and with a base layer or light sweater you'll be toasty on all but the coldest of days. I've worn it sparingly, excellent+++ or better condition with no stains / tears. Non-smoking home, no funky odors of any kind.

6 photos for review – it's a size LARGE, I'm 5'10 / 180 lbs and it fits me pretty much perfectly. No clue what the original retail price was on this, I'm pretty sure $150 is a buy and I'd rather start wearing it again before taking any less. Worth way more, all of the TAD waterproof hoodie's are incredibly well made. Thanks and good luck.