Randall #10-7 "Salt Fisherman"
aka "Salt Fisherman & Household Utility"
7" Stainless Steel Blade
Notched on Top for Thumb Placement
Pinned Yellow G10 Scales + Lanyard
Sullivan Model B No Hone Sheath
Embroidered Randall Knives Carry Case
Original Randall Butcher / Packing Paper
Randall Care / Instruction Sheet

Summary: brand spanking new, what more can I say? Pull this one out on the fishing trip, and you'll be the 2nd coolest dude on the boat. (the coolest dude will have the one handled with green G10!) Seriously, though... this is a sweet ass handle color on this knife and the G10 material is virtually indestructible.

3 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Randall Knives carry case and original paperwork all included. The RMK website says it best: "An ideal knife for yachtsmen and fisherman as well as for general household uses". Thanks and good luck.