Randall Knife #12-8 Bear Bowie
8" Stainless Steel w/ Sharpened Clip
Forward-Curving Brass Guard
Black & Brass Spacers
Slab Sided, Fingered Purple Dyed Maple
Radiused Brass Butt Cap
Sullivan Brown A Sheath Stamped 12 8
Unused Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
Old Style Green Randall Carry Case

Summary: fully loaded, over the top Randall 12-8 Bear Bowie with damn near too much to list! Amazing build on this bad boy – the stainless blade, forward curving brass hilt, custom spacers, slabbed & fingered wood handle and radiused brass cap all optional "bolt on's". I personally cleaned up the hilt and butt cap -- you'll find the normal very light wipe marks that'll all buff away rather quickly. Blade is clean and the edges are original as is the finish -- the customer supplied wood is outrageously nice.

The original forward-curving Sullivan sheath is in excellent+++ or better condition with a just a spattering of small rubs / scuffs. Correctly stamped 12 8 on the back -- an unused plain salmon sharpening stone is in the front pouch.

7 photos for review -- as shown, an older style green Randall Knives carry case is included. This is a kick ass Randall Bowie loaded up and ready to rumble – it's drop dead gorgeous and feels awesome in hand. All said and done, this is one hell of a Bowie knife perfect for collection / investment purposes... priced to sell! Thanks and good luck.