Randall Model 17 "Astro"
5-1/2" Stainless Steel Blade
Silver Soldered Stainless Steel Hilt
Micarta Handle Slabs w/ SS Bolts
Black Sullivan C Sheath w/o Lanyards
Unused Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
New Embroidered Randall Knives Case

Summary: a new / unused Randall Model #17 Astro and black Sullivan model C sheath. The blade with original edge and has not been resharpened, both sides of the blade are spotless. Micarta slabs are perfect, I can almost guarantee you the bolts have never been removed. The stainless steel guard has a few light wipe marks visible if you turn the knife in direct light, inevitable after removing the shop grease, etc.

The knife is paired to a black Sullivan model C sheath missing the lanyards. No knife storage marks at the throat (knife appears not to have been stored inside) -- a new plain salmon sharpening stone in the front pouch. Overall condition of the sheath is near mint, a light rub or two at most.

7 photos for review -- as shown, a new embroidered Randall Knives carry case is included. These 17's are interesting survival knives with the hollow area inside the handle, loads of interesting history with these Astro’s and certainly a must have in any Randall collection. It’s a neat knife being sold a few bucks above current catalog price, with the included carry case it’s about the same. Perfect for field / military use... or your next lunar landing. Thanks and good luck.