Randall #2-7 "Fighting Stiletto"
6-7/8" Stainless Steel Blade
Double Nickel Silver Hilt
Commando Stacked Leather Handle
Duralumin Butt Cap w/ Nut
Brown Sullivan Model A Sheath
Unused Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
New Embroidered RMK Carry Case

Summary: this is a previously owned, unused knife that has been tucked away since original purchase. It's a nice build with the stainless blade, nickel hilt and commando stacked leather handle -- get this in your hand and you'll be itching to use it. I cleaned a few fingerprints from the hilt and dura butt, a few light wipe marks as a result. Overall excellent+++ to near mint... it's a new knife!

The Sullivan model A sheath has never been on a belt, excellent+++ with a few handling / storage marks front and back. Correctly stamped 2 7 on the back above the Randall trademark, a new plain salmon stone in the front pouch. Throat and keeper strap both clean-- the knife has not been stored in the sheath.

6 photos for preview -- as shown, a new embroidered Randall Made Knives carry case is included. This is a time honored Randall model carried in to countless battles in the past 6 decades – a great choice for military use or collection purposes. Thanks and good luck.