Summary: this is a rehandled Randall model 25 "Trapper" with a 5" stainless steel blade, brass hilt, custom black & brass spacers, beautiful Musk Ox handle, and brass butt cap. While not "shop original", the knife is drop dead gorgeous and rehandled correctly / perfectly. Hell, one look at the photos will tell you just that! The shape of the Musk Ox handle is terrific, it's got a bit of a belly to it so it's quite comfortable in hand. The blade has its original edge and looks new, at worst you'll find light wipe marks on the brass hardware.

The knife is paired with a custom Sullivan no hone Ostrich belt sheath. Randall and Sullivan stamps on the back, made for this knife and rather expensive. As far as I can tell it's never been on a belt, light handling and a few scuffs puts this one in the excellent+++ category. No sharpening stone, if you're planning on using the knife and need a stone let me know and I'll send one along in the box.

8 photos for review -- as shown, a black embroidered Randall case is included. This is a great looking package, the handle material alone is worth at least half my asking. Add to that the $150 sheath, and... well... quite the bargain. Thanks and good luck.