Randall Knife #3 "Hunter"
7" Stainless Steel Blade
Single Nickel Silver Hilt
Black & Aluminum Spacers
Fingered Stag Handle
Lined For Lanyard + Compass
Black Sullivan Model A Sheath
Fine India Sharpening Stone
Embroidered RMK Carry Case

Summary: mint condition, fully loaded Randall #3 "Hunter" with the following options: stainless blade, nickel silver hilt, custom spacers, fingered stag, lanyard liner and compass. Everything is new / perfect, one of the best deals in town if you love and collect model 3’s. The stag is gorgeous and feels great in either hand... lanyard is missing but that’s an easy fix on your end.

The black Sullivan model A sheath has not been on a belt. The sheath is correctly stamped 3 7 on the back, an unused Fine India sharpening stone is in the front pouch. Overall condition of the sheath is near mint, nothing but one dent on the front belt loop.

8 photos for review -- as shown, an embroidered Randall Knives carry case is part of the deal. The is a very popular knife as it's well suited for many tasks, large and small. A model perfect for camping and hunting, if you like custom stag handled Randall's you've gotta love the build. Priced to sell -- thanks and good luck.