Summary: this is a custom model #14 "Attack" and brown Sullivan C sheath. Previously owned, tucked away since new. Stainless steel blade with original edge, optional nickel silver guard, awesome camo micarta handle material that Jim Behring provided to the shop. Near mint, nothing but a few light wipe marks on the nickel silver guard.

The Sullivan sheath is also in near mint condition, never on a belt. A light rub / scuff or two if you look hard, probably that way from the RMK shop. All lanyards included, an unused Fine India sharpening stone in the front pouch.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered RMK case is included. This is a very fair price on a custom Randall #14, I haven’t seen one with this camo handle material in a long, long time. Don’t miss out -- thanks and good luck.