Summary: interesting little model 24 just in on consignment. The knife is more modern / current production, but it's paired with an early roughback Johnson concealment sheath. No clue how the knife / sheath came together, I'd sure as hell never complain as this sheath is probably worth 3x more than a standard Sullivan model 24 sheath.

The knife has not been used, original edges and a perfect blade. The knife is fitted with a reduced nickel silver hilt, custom spacers and concave elephant ivory handle. The ivory is cracked on one side, not much of a surprise as they all seem to let go at some point.

6 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered RMK carry case is included. This is a neat knife / sheath combination, not original to one another but quite a find nonetheless. Priced way low due to the crack in the ivory, in my opinion the older roughback Johnson more than makes up for it. Nice find – thanks and good luck.