Summary: previously owned but new / unused, this is below Randall catalog price when you factor in the carry case. This Randall Mini 27 has a 3-1/2" stainless blade, copper hardware (guard and butt cap), and green micarta handle. Patina on the copper hardware, otherwise new.

The original brown sheath made by Sullivan and has the small hone pouch / mini stone. Correctly stamped M27 on the back, the knife was stored in the sheath but other than that.... looks new.

1 photo for review – I didn't take a million photos as I'm already giving this one away. The new embroidered Randall Knives carry case shown is included, should be a no brainer. This 27M Copper Miniature is looks fabulous, the copper will clean up in about two minutes flat should you prefer that bright and shiny look. Great model, usable and functional. Thanks and good luck.