Randall Knife "RKS3" #818
Randall Knife Society 3rd Club Knife
5-3/4" Tool Steel Blade
Etched w/ Serial # & RKS Member #
Single Brass Hilt / Custom Spacers
Light Stag Handle w/ Nice Texture
RKS Medallion Embedded in Butt End of Stag
Sullivan No Hone Belt Sheath w/ RKS Stamp
Randall Knives Patch Carry Case

Summary: this Randall RKS3 and original Sullivan sheath are both in excellent+++ or better condition. The knife is easily near mint, just a few light wipe / handling marks on the brass hilt. The blade is perfect and has not been resharpened -- the semi-deep cut stag handle is light in color... very nice.

The Sullivan sheath is in excellent+++ or better condition with just a bit of darkness at the throat from past knife storage. Otherwise perfect, the RMK & RKS stamps on the back.

8 photos for review -- as shown, a Randall Knives "patch" case is included. This is a very nice Randall / RKS Club Knife and sheath... awesome for any Randall knife collection and priced to sell. Thanks and good luck.

Background information on this 3rd Club Knife from the RKS website:

"This knife was first offered to the RKS membership in 1997. 860 knives were made.
The 5-3/4 inch blade is a slightly smaller version of the 1988 issue of the Randall 50th Anniversary Commemorative Knife, which had a 7-1/2 inch blade. Very similar in shape, blade wise, you will once again, see and feel, the strong influence of Bill Scagel on Bo Randall's early knives. The 5-3/4 inch blade is of imported Swedish .01 tool steel and shows vividly the late 1930's shape of the early Randall blade. The brass guard is much smaller than what you would see, say on a Model 3, again showing an early Randall look.

There are a total of seventeen spacers on this knife. The spacers go from the hilt: 6 regular spacers in a combination of black, brass, red and white; a thick 1/4 inch black micarta spacer; 3 spacers red, aluminum and red; another thick 1/4 inch black micarta spacer; and finally 6 spacers in a combination of black, brass, red and white again. Then comes the stag handle with a 9/16 inch (compass size) Randall Knife Society club medallion in the butt. The knife comes with a natural leather Sullivan sheath."