Randall Knife "Sergeant's Model"
5" Tool Steel Blade
Upper Edge Notched for Thumb Placement
Single Brass Hilt
Brass & Black Spacers
Stacked Leather Handle
Brass Butt Cap w/ Nut
Brown Sullivan Model A Sheath
New Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
New Embroidered Randall Knives Carry Case
Original Randall Butcher / Packing Paper
Randall Care / Instruction Sheet
Randall Made Knives Catalog

Summary: this is a brand new, non-catalog Randall "Sergeant's Model" and Sullivan model A sheath. A model released in 2011, this one has a few great looking options. Not many of these floating around for resale -- this one's brand new with only the factory grease removed before photos. (light wipe marks on the hilt and butt cap, all extremely minor)

The Sullivan sheath is in mint condition, no handling or knife storage marks. As photographed, the original Randall butcher / packing paper, care / instruction sheet and Randall catalog all included.

Note: identically configured Randall Non Catalog #4-6 "Fighter" also for sale.

7 photos for review -- the brown embroidered carry cases are on back order, so I'll ship the knife in a new black / orange embroidered RMK carry case instead. This is a great model perfect for field use: fishing, hunting, camping... this one will do it all. Can't beat the nice looking options, the brass / leather / brass build is always a sure bet. Sweet package at a reasonable price -- thanks and good luck.