Randall Knife - Tom Clinton Special
7" Stainless Steel Blade
Forward-Curving Nickel Silver Hilt
Nickel Silver Collar
Commando Snake Wood Handle
Nickel Silver Escutcheon
Nickel Silver Butt Cap
Sullivan Forward-Curving Black A Sheath
Unused Plain Salmon Sharpening Stone
Embroidered RMK Carry Case

Summary: this is a heavily optioned Randall "Tom Clinton Special" in excellent+++ to near mint condition. Actually, optioned is an understatement... this knife is loaded with expensive nickel silver options. Hell, even the escutcheon looks to be nickel silver!! The knife has not been used or resharpened -- you'll find a few very light wipe marks on the nickel hilt and nickel butt cap, all will quickly buff away. The blade and Snake wood handle are both perfect, the escutcheon is a bit above center but it’s strictly an appearance / personal preference “thing”.

The knife is paired with the original Sullivan black model A sheath which is incorrectly stamped with another dealers logo on reverse. Fucking A right... never seen it before and it’s neat to find that it would ever make it out the door. The sheath is obviously one for a TC Special, how the less popular dealers stamp found its way on to it is anyone’s guess. (obviously an error at Sullivan’s, the sheath maker) The sheath is in excellent+++ condition, there are a couple of visible scuff marks, small and mentioned for accuracy. I'd call it a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, you'll find an unused plain salmon sharpening stone in the front pouch.

8 photos for review -- as shown, a new embroidered RMK carry case is included. This is a fantastic looking TC Special loaded with expensive options -- the perfect piece to tuck away in most any knife collection. Priced to sell – the first Dealer Special I’ve ever had with another dealers stamp on the sheath! Thanks and good luck.