Summary: this is an unused Randall model 25 "Trapper" with a 5" stainless steel blade, nickel silver hilt, polished stag insert, and duralumin butt cap. The stainless blade has its original edge, looks perfect. You'll find light wipe marks on the nickel hilt and dura butt, rather common. Overall, a fine example that's every bit an 9+ on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Sullivan model F pouch sheath with RMK logo snaps is in excellent+++ to near mint condition with just a few small rubs. No carry wear -- the sheath has not been on a belt. The correct Randall trademark stamp on the back -- an unused Fine India sharpening stone is in the front pouch.

6 photos for review -- as shown, a new embroidered RMK carry case is included. This is a good buy on an unused model 25 with stainless blade and nickel hilt, a great knife with very pretty polished stag insert perfect for both everyday use and collection purposes. Thanks and good luck.