Randall Made Knife "Vietnam Veteran"
Limited Edition: Serial Number 088 of 500
7-1/2" Stainless Steel Blade / Sharpened Clip
Double Nickel Silver Hilt
Fingered Canvas Micarta Handle
Brown Riveted Roughback Sheath By Greg Gutcher
Large Copper Rivets at Throat
"Vietnam Veteran" Embossed on Front Toe
Unused Norton Gray Sharpening Stone
Vietnam Veteran Carry Case
Randall Vietnam Veteran Flyer

NOTE: I have the first edition Randall Vietnam Veteran #1-8 with the same serial number, coming soon.

Summary: this is a Randall "Vietnam Veteran"... one of only 500 ever produced. All were pre-sold before production began about 12 years ago -- a custom collaboration between the late Tom Clinton, Wayne Robbins, the late Pete Hamilton, Greg Gutcher and Gary Randall.

The knife is a model 14 with a 7-1/2" stainless blade, double nickel silver hilt and green canvas micarta handle. (to me, the handle color is more brown than green) Etched reverse side opposite the Randall logo is "VIETNAM VETERAN" and the serial number "088 of 500". The knife is in near mint condition with only light wipe marks on the guard. Blade, handle material... all perfect.

The original Sullivan sheath is constructed to closely mirror those used in the Vietnam era: roughback design with large copper rivets at the throat, brass rivets along the top and bottom, etc. Randall stamp on the front belt loop -- "Vietnam Veteran" embossed on the front toe. All gold lanyards coiled up... present and accounted for. The sheath is in excellent+++ or better condition, just a few small scuffs on the back side.

10 photos for review -- as shown, a black "Vietnam Veteran" carry case and Vietnam Veteran flyers both included. Serial numbered Randall knives are definitely collectible and are also great investments -- this gorgeous, limited edition Randall in such nice / unused condition would make a fine addition to most any knife collection. Nice to find one of the first 100, these typically sell for more than my asking price. Do the research and don’t miss out -- thanks and good luck.