Randall Model #20 "Yukon Skinner"
4-1/2" Tool Steel Blade – 3/16" Stock
Top of Blade Notched for Thumb Placement
Single Nickel Silver Hilt
"Ward Gay" Micarta Handle + Lanyard
Brown Sullivan Model A Sheath
New Randall Knives Carry Case
Original Invoice & Letter
Original Butcher / Packing Paper
Randall Care / Instruction Sheet

Note: I have the following in stock, all have NS hilts & lanyards. Upon purchase, please let me know your preference so I can adjust accordingly.

1- Ward Gay Model 20, Black Micarta, Brown A available
1- Ward Gay Model 20, Black Micarta, Brown A available
1- Ward Gay Model 20, Maroon Micarta, Brown A *SOLD*

Summary: this is a Randall Model #20 Yukon Skinner with Ward Gay handle, the newest model from the Randall shop. This knife has a 4.5" tool steel blade (3/16" stock), single nickel hilt, and custom "Ward Gay" handle with lanyard. The knife is brand new, I have three of these and they're all in mint condition.

The brown Sullivan model A sheaths look (and are!) brand new, stamped 20 on the back with an unused plain salmon sharpening stone in the front pouch. Nothing out of the ordinary, all in mint condition.

4 photos for review – as shown, a new Randall carry case, RMK butcher paper and care / instruction sheet all included. These 20's are great models, razor sharp. The custom shaped Ward Gay handle is back for a reason, nothing else holds a candle to it with respect to feel and comfort. The shop reinvented the wheel on this model, I'm sure everyone will agree that they got it right. Thanks and good luck.