Randall #1-5 "Fighting Knife"
5" Tool Steel Blade / Sharpened Clip
Double Nickel Silver Hilt
Right-Hand Fingered Stag Handle
Johnson Smoothback Model A Sheath
(baby dot / smooth snaps)
Unused Fine India Sharpening Stone
New Randall Knives Carry Case

Summary: this is a previously owned, near mint condition Randall #1-5 Fighting Knife and Johnson smoothback sheath. The knife is in beautiful condition with original edges, a few very light wipe marks on the guard only visible if you turn the knife under direct light. All quite minor, it's a super nice knife. Exceptional right-hand fingered stag... great color and texture.

The Johnson smoothback sheath is excellent+++ condition and has never been on a belt. Correctly stamped 5 5 on the back with baby dot / smooth snaps (5 5 stamped sheaths were often used for both model 1's and 5's in this era), an unused Fine India sharpening stone in the front pouch. Light handling at worst, a small line at the throat and on the keeper from the minimal past knife storage.

8 photos for review – a new embroidered Randall Knives carry case is included. These short-bladed model 1 fighters are perfect for EDC / military use, all the benefits of a classic fighting knife but without a ton of weight. 25+ years old and in fabulous condition – priced to sell. Thanks and good luck.