Randall #1-7 "Fighting Knife"
7" Tool Steel Blade
Double Brass Hilt
Stacked Leather Handle
Duralumin Butt Cap w/ Steel Nut
Brown-Button Heiser Sheath
Solid Gray Sharpening Stone
New Randall Knives Carry Case

Summary: this is a 1950's Randall model #1-7 outfitted as follows: 7" tool steel blade with deep choil, double brass hilt, and nicely shaped tapering stacked leather handle. A duralumin butt cap and steel nut / washer on the back end complete the knife. The knife is in very good condition for its age, appears unused but it’s really hard to say as the blade has been buffed up / cleaned and has some remnants of pitting on both sides. I cleaned up the brass guard. you'll find the light handling marks on the hilt and butt cap and a few small dents in the leather handle. No loose parts, the nut is tight and has not been messed with. All said and done, it's a 60 year old fighter in reasonably nice shape that would be perfect to carry / use.

The brown-button Heiser sheath is also in excellent shape although (at some point) a previous owner drilled a hole through the toe. No clue if it’s been on a belt, looking at the inside of the belt loop has me thinking rarely... if at all. The back of the sheath is stamped 1 above and 7 below the Heiser trademark, you'll find an unused (albeit dirty) solid gray sharpening stone in the front pouch. Sheath stitching is tight, you'll find darkness at the throat from past knife storage.

9 photos for review -- as shown, a new Randall Knives carry cases is included. This is a nice (but not perfect) vintage 1950's Randall fighter and brown-button Heiser sheath, a knife I'm selling for a friend and proud to present here on my website for sale. Thanks and good luck.