Randall #1-7 "Fighting Knife"
7" Stainless Steel Blade
Double Brass Hilt
Stacked Leather Handle
Duralumin Butt Cap w/ Nut
Johnson Roughback Sheath
Unused Plain Salmon Stone
New Randall Carry Case

Summary: a vintage Randall model #1-7 with stainless steel blade, double brass hilt, stacked leather handle, and duralumin butt cap with nut. This knife is in nice shape, light sharpening along the main edge but not on the upper clip. (upper clip with shop sharpening) It does not look like the knife was used much, if at all... just the light sharpening marks on the blade. You'll find light marks on the hilt from past handling and sheath storage, a spattering of scratches on the duralumin butt cap. The leather is in good shape, the nut is tight and the butt cap doesn't jiggle or move around.

The Johnson roughback sheath is in excellent condition, quite nice and appears to have been carried but not much. The sheath is correctly stamped 7 below the Randall trademark on the back belt loop -- you'll find an unused plain salmon sharpening stone (albeit dirty) in the front pouch. Photos tell the story with respect to sheath condition, you'll find nothing but very light handling marks and darkness on the keeper and the throat from past knife storage. The roughback portion of the sheath is really rough! – has this shaggy look that's kind of cool.

7 photos for review -- as shown, a new RMK carry case is included. This is a good buy on an older 7" Randall fighting knife, a great candidate if you're down in the Orlando area and can swing it by the shop to have the sharpening marks removed. Definitely a keeper, a great knife to throw on your belt and use for everyday carry. Thanks and good luck.