Summary: not all knives are created equally, nor do all 1-7's have the same "oooh / wow" factor. This one has that look and feel, I was going to clean up the brass before common sense got the better of me. Some things simply should not be messed with. Silly me, I know better.

There's really nothing to report or talk about other than patina on the brass hardware. It's a great looking knife, there's just no two ways around it. Photos tell the story, original edge and finish. It's a ballbuster for $675.

The Johnson sheath is also in excellent condition, this one marked 7 on the back with an unused Soft Arkansas stone in the front pouch. A few light scuffs here and there, minimal knife storage marks at the throat and on the keeper strap. Great shape, a compliment to the knife.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered Randall carry case is included. Check out the photos, old Randall's and patina is not for everyone. Someone recently told me that "there's an ass for every saddle", it doubt it's too long before someone comes along and takes this one for a ride. It's a great looking knife -- thanks and good luck.