Summary: an awesome Randall 1-8 Fighting Knife, this one's on Page 50 in the book "Randall Knives – A Reference Book" by Sheldon and the late Edna Wickersham. (RIP) The knife is in exceptional condition, blade is full with nothing but light handling / insertion marks. Guard, leather and dura butt all tight, nothing has been messed with, etc.

The brown button Heiser sheath is also in remarkably nice shape and has an unused green label Soft Arkansas stone in the pouch. The stone is earlier than the knife and sheath (stone dates to the mid 40's while the knife / sheath are both early 50's), not sure of the mix up but at some point after the knife was photographed for the book the original White Washita got swapped for this stone. Which, if you know Randall's and stones... ain't a bad thing. (this stone is much harder to find and worth more!) In any event, what you see is what you get... you could always sell this stone for a pretty penny and find a White Washita at some point down the road. Worth mentioning: the male part of the stone pouch snap as come off the leather (see photo 10), I have the both pieces but not sure what it would take to get it repaired. If it's fixable (I imagine it is), the guys over at Sullivan's could probably take care of it.

11 photos for review – as shown, an old style black Randall Knives carry case is included. Hands down, this is a great knife perfect for long term collection purposes. This knife / sheath package is over 60 years old and in excellent condition, a "book knife" will never ever ever hurt your collection. Great piece, check it out. Thanks and good luck.