Summary: want something rare for your collection? Well, here you go! This and the model 20 with Ward Gay handle for sale are both from the same collection and both stellar pieces.

This is an old (1950's) Randall #11 with a 4.5" tool steel blade, squared brass guard, stacked leather handle and duralumin butt cap with brass washer and nut. The blade has been shop cleaned in the past, they got most of the blade pitting but some still remains. Everything else is rock solid and tight, the leather is in fantastic shape. A few dings in the duralumin butt cap, the brass nut has not been off or messed with.

The Clarence Moore sheath is original to the knife, it's obviously been carried. Translucent snaps on both keeper strap and stone pouch flap (rare!), the upper snap cracked up but still mostly all there. All stitching is tight, there's a used two piece sharpening stone in the pouch.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new RMK carry case is included. This is a great knife, a very early model 11 with a super rare Moore sheath. If the keeper strap translucent snap was in better shape, this package would be priced hundreds of dollars more. You just don't find sheaths with these snaps, anything with original translucent snaps is typically worth a bundle. It's been carried and used, toss this one on your hip now and then and it's not going to kill you. Great knife for collection / investment purposes, Lord only knows what this one will be worth another couple of decades down the road. Thanks and good luck.