Randall Model 11 "Alaskan Skinner"
4-1/2" Tool Steel Blade / Original Finish
Upper Edge Notched for Thumb Placement
Squared Brass Hilt / 7 Spacers
Stag Handle w/ Unlined Thong Hole
Johnson Roughback Sheath
Yellow Print Crystolon Stone
Embroidered RMK Carry Case
3' Length of Gold Paracord

Summary: this is a very nice 7 spacer Randall model 11 "Alaskan Skinner" and Johnson roughback sheath. The knife is in excellent++++ condition, the 4.5" tool steel blade notched on top for thumb placement. The blade looks to have the original edge, the original blade finish on this knife is fantastic. (see photo 10) The squared brass hilt has a few wipe marks from past cleaning, all minor. 7 spacers between the guard and great looking stag which is perfect without any checks or cracks. Butt end with an unlined (and chamfered) thong hole with enough gold paracord included to make a couple of lanyards.

The Johnson sheath is in excellent condition and looks like it's never been on a belt. The sheath has smooth button (baby dot) snaps, the back marked 11 4 below the Randall trademark. Yellow print combination crystolon stone in the pouch, no signs of use. You'll find a couple of small handling marks here and there on the sheath if you look hard, a bit of discoloration at the throat from past knife storage. The roughback portion of the sheath looks nearly new -- all said and done, probably an 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

11 photos for review – as shown, an embroidered Randall Made Knives carry case is included. Overall condition is way up there, both the knife and sheath are super nice. The knife dates to the 1960's, it's about 50 years old and definitely "collector grade". This will be a sweet grab and very nice acquisition for most any Randall collector, this package is definitely worth more than my asking price. Thanks and good luck.