Randall Model 11 "Alaskan Skinner"
5" Tool Steel Blade
Upper Edge Notched
Squared NS Hilt / 7 Spacers
Elephant Ivory Handle
Duralumin Butt Cap + Nut
Brown Button Heiser Sheath
2 Piece Crystolon Stone
Embroidered RMK Carry Case

Summary: an oldie but goodie, this is an early 7 spacer model 11 with 5" tool steel blade, squared nickel hilt, ivory handle and duralumin butt cap. This knife was back to the shop in the past for cleaning (not sure when), the blade looks great but for a few very light insertion scratches on the logo side. The ivory has aged and has a crack on the back side of the handle (back = the side you don't seen when you're looking at the logo side); that said, the handle is rock solid. Light handling marks / dings on the duralumin butt cap, the nut has not been messed with. Awesome knife.

The sheath is presumably original to the knife, it's a brown button Heiser correctly stamped 11 above and 5 below the Heiser stamp on the back belt loop. The sheath has never been on a belt, excellent condition for its age with nothing more than past handling marks. An area of darkness at the throat from past knife storage, no big deal. A used, unmarked two piece sharpening stone occupies the front stone pouch.

8 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered RMK carry case is included. This is a great knife, if you can look past the crack in the handle you'll see you're getting a killer deal. A great one to use out in the field, perfect to tuck away for collection purposes. Thanks and good luck.