Randall Model 11 "Alaskan Skinner"
5" Tool Steel Blade
Notched on Top for Thumb Placement
Squared Brass Hilt / 5 Thick Spacers
Stacked Leather Handle
Duralumin Butt Cap + Nut
Brown Button Heiser Sheath
Used Solid Gray Sharpening Stone
Old Style Black RMK Carry Case

Summary: an oldie but goodie, this is an early model 11 with 5" tool steel blade, squared brass hilt, 5 thick spacers, leather handle and duralumin butt cap with nut. The blade looks full but has been buffed up a bit on both sides. a few spots here and there but easily overlooked if you consider age. The stacked leather handle is in fantastic shape but for one dent on the top (see photo 7), very light handling marks on the brass guard and some dings on the duralumin butt cap. The nut has not been messed with, everything is solid.

The sheath is presumably original to the knife, it's a brown button Heiser marked 11 above and 5 below the Heiser trademark. The sheath doesn't look to have been carried (if at all), great condition for its age with nothing more than past handling marks and some staining on both sides. A used solid gray stone is in the front pouch, no legible print.

8 photos for review – as shown, an old style black RMK carry case is included. This is a great knife if you can look past the fact that the blade has been buffed and the finish not original, it’s 60 years young and rock solid. A great one to throw on your belt and use out in the field, perfect to tuck away for collection / investment purposes. Thanks and good luck