Summary: mid 1950's Alaskan Skinner with a 4.5" tool steel blade, brass guard, leather handle and dura butt with nut. The original owner's name (Ed Carriere) shop done on the back side of the blade, the knife looks to have been used a bit but certainly not abused. It couldn't have been used much, the sheath doesn't look to have been on a belt. (inside of the belt loop is clean) This is a friggin' cool knife, exactly what an old 11 should look like. Great blade grind, dark leather handle, solid butt cap.

The brown button Heiser sheath is in great shape, a few scuffs / scrapes here and there but nothing major. Condition matches the knife: looks great, all stitching is tight, brown buttons work as they should. Heiser logo on the back belt loop, one of the rare fish hook sharpening stones in the front pouch.

9 photos for review – as shown, an old style black RMK carry case is included. This model was first introduced by RMK in 1952, this knife was probably made in the first couple of years of production. It's a great knife / sheath package, the individual parts are probably worth more than my asking price. Tuck it away for collection / investment purposes, in the not too distant future you ought to double your money on it. Thanks and good luck.