Summary: an old 7 spacer Randall #12-9 Sportsman Bowie just in on consignment. Light handling and buff marks on the blade, a few carbon spots that the RMK shop could remove in a heartbeat. This knife has a 9" tool steel blade, lugged brass guard, great looking aged stag, and a brass butt cap with large brass nut. I left the patina on the brass as I preferred the look, as you can see in the photos it's a terrific looking old knife. Stag is solid, the brass nut that holds it all together has not been messed with.

The Johnson roughback sheath is presumably original to the knife and stamped 12 9 below the Randall logo on the back of the belt loop. It does not look as if the sheath has been on a belt, simply a few bumps and whatnot from having been moved around over the years. Some darkness at the throat from knife storage (see photo 7), you'll find an unused / unmarked two piece combination stone in the front pouch.

7 photos for review – as shown, a new Randall Knives carry case is included. This is a boatload of Bowie knife for the money, in a perfect world one of you guys in / around Orlando will buy this and drop it by the shop for a spa treatment. 15 dedicated minutes at the shop and this knife will come back to you looking absolutely perfect. Thanks and good luck.