Summary: this is an older Randall #12-13 "Raymond Thorp Bowie", one half of what is known as the "King Faisal" set. This is Randall's largest Bowie, blade is a whopping 13 inches long! This Bowie knife has a forward-curving brass guard, scalloped collar, Westinghouse micarta handle, and scalloped brass butt cap. This Bowie has never been used and still has the original edge and finish, you'll find a few carbon spots on the blade and patina on the brass hardware. Small spot in the blade finish where a sticker once resided, very light and no big deal. The micarta is in perfect shape without scratches, etc.

The Johnson roughback sheath is in excellent+++ condition, nothing more than a light handling marks and a few dark spots on the upper belt loop. Never carried: the roughback portion of the sheath looks nearly new, and the back belt loop correctly stamped 12 13. You'll find a new plain salmon sharpening stone in the front pouch.

7 photos for review -- as shown, an older black Randall Knives carry case is included. Shop cost for a new Thorpe with all these options and a custom handle is close to my asking, and the handle wouldn't be the older and desirable Westinghouse micarta. All said, this is a great deal on a stellar looking Bowie in super nice shape.

This would be the perfect knife for the budget conscious collector – you're basically buying a vintage and custom Thorp Bowie at current production cost. Perfect for display -- thanks and good luck.