Summary: picked this one up at the Reno show many months back, just getting around to doing something with it! It’s a cool long-bladed #13 with a very uniquely shaped guard and big stag, I saw the guard and just had to buy it. The blade is a bit rounded on the top, etc... not sure if it was made this way or ground down at some point. When a current production model #13 is $685 bone stock, and this one is $700 with a brown button JRB... does condition really matter all that much? Photos are accurate, it’s a great deal.

The brown button JRB is in great shape, never had a stone in the pouch when I bought it. That said, if you want a plain salmon in the pouch let me know and I’ll be sure to include one.

10 photos for review – as shown, an unmarked black canvas carry case is included. Thanks and good luck.