Summary: most definitely priced to sell, this is an older ivory handled Randall #13-12 Arkansas Toothpick and original no hone Johnson roughback sheath. The blade is beautiful, there are a few marks on the guard from past sheath storage. The commando ivory handle is solid, visible checks and one crack that is par for the course with respect to this material. Escutcheon plate in the handle (plain, not engraved), the scalloped butt cap with small nut is neat.

The no hone Johnson roughback sheath is original to the knife and is in excellent condition. No carry wear but you'll certainly find a few handling marks, nothing I'd consider major or an eyesore. Darkness on the keeper strap and at the throat from past knife storage, no big deal.

5 cell photos for review (I'm fogged in today and can't get anything else!) – I don't have a carry case big enough to fit this Toothpick so I'll pack it exceptionally well and ship it in the sheath. I don't sell too many of the larger Randall models, they're a pain in the ass to photograph and pack. That said, this old Arkansas Toothpick was worth the extra effort – it's a great knife to buy for collection / investment purposes. Thanks and good luck.