Summary: this is an ivory handled Randall #4-7 in excellent shape. 7-1/8" blade with original owners name shop etched on the blade, brass guard, 7 spacers, and a straight elephant ivory handle. Someone buffed up the blade in the past, it’s a bit on the shiny side but remnants of the original grind lines can still be seen. A few small carbon spots on the back side, all quite minor. The brass guard with patina I didn’t mess with, a few checks and one thin crack in the ivory that have not gone anywhere yet and probably won’t. (I know... famous last words)

The knife is paired to what is presumably the original sheath with baby dot (smooth) snaps. The numbers 4 7 under the Randall trademark on the back belt loop, there’s an unused plain salmon sharpening stone in the front pouch. The sheath is in excellent condition, no visible signs that it's been on a belt. There is some darkness around the snaps on the keeper strap and stone pouch, there was a bit of verdigris around them that I carefully picked away. Other than that everything is tight and correct, just a few spots here and there and some darkness at the throat from past knife storage.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new embroidered RMK carry case is included. Remember the days when a knife like this would routinely sell for $1,250 or more? I sure do, and it makes me wonder when those days will return. If you're buying for long term investment with the belief that the vintage Randall market is overdue for a "comeback", this would be a great knife to buy and tuck away for awhile. Thanks and good luck.