Summary: this is an older (late 60’s?) Randall #15 Airman with 5-1/2" blade with Sep S stamp. How to describe this offering? CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! Original edges on a beautiful blade, there are blemishes in / on the brass guard that will come off with some simichrome or Flitz. The black micarta handle looks nearly new and has the unlined / chamfered thong hole, tang is clean with no spotting, etc.

The riveted Johnson roughback sheath is in excellent+++ or better condition, I don’t think it’s ever been on a belt. Randall Knives trademark stamp on the front belt loop -- there is an unused yellow print Combination Crystolon sharpening stone in the front pouch. All said and done and like the knife, this is an exceptionally clean sheath.

8 photos for review -- as shown, a Randall Made Knives carry case is included. This is a terrific Vietnam-Era Randall knife with desirable blade stamp -- it's a fantastic looking knife / sheath combination in superb condition... perfect for collection purposes. Thanks and good luck.