Summary: this is an older Randall #13-12 Arkansas Toothpick and original Johnson roughback sheath. The knife exhibits NO use, blade with original edges. The blade finish is original, the knife has not been buffed up or messed with. There are a few light handling marks on the blade with one noticeable carbon spot, quite small / minor and only visible if you turn the blade under direct light. The lugged guard has a few spots / marks from past handling / sheath storage, residual tarnish that should come out but it'll require some effort. The off white Delrin handle is a rarity, sparingly used for a 4-5 year period back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. The Randall stamp is relatively clean, the blade finish is quite nice, there's really nothing else to report. Overall, I'd say the knife is an easy 8.0 to 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Johnson roughback sheath is original to the knife and is in excellent condition. No carry wear but you'll certainly find a few handling marks, nothing I'd consider major or an eyesore. Darkness on the keeper strap and at the throat from past knife storage (see photo 7), an unused white print combination crystolon sharpening stone in the front pouch.

7 photos for review – as shown, an old style Randall Made Knives carry case is included. I don't sell too many of the larger Randall models, they're a pain in the ass to photograph and pack. That said, this old Arkansas Toothpick with Delrin handle was worth the extra effort – it's a great knife to buy for collection / investment purposes. Thanks and good luck.