Summary: a 1950’s Randall “Alaskan Skinner” with 4-7/8” tool steel blade, squared brass hilt, stacked leather handle and duralumin butt + nut. For whatever reason, a previous owner added a brass chain link under the nut.... it’s neat looking but a mod... I’m relatively sure it didn’t come this way from the shop. The blade has been refinished, but for a 1950’s model 11 it’s priced as a user so whoever buys it probably won’t give a shit. If you need a kick ass, razor sharp conversation piece you can take out and use in the field... buy it. If you’re a purist... walk away.

I bought the knife in Tulsa had Rocco in the Treeman shop make the sheath to fit the knife. The sheath is brand new, never on a belt... mint condition. Fit is perfect, made for this exact knife.

9 photos for review – as shown, a new Randall Knives carry case is included. This is a cool old knife in a custom riveted sheath, if you like early model 11’s and can visualize it on your belt when you’re out hunting then I guess you ought to buy it. Check it out.. thanks and good luck.