Summary: this is a slightly older (1980's, I think) Randall 14 & Triathlete piggyback tandem set. I've seen a few of these come up for sale over the years, not many.

The model 14 has a stainless steel blade, double brass hilt, custom spacers, wood handle (ironwood?) and brass butt cap. Unused with what appears to be the original edge, nothing but a few light wipe marks on the brass hardware and a bit of residual tarnish on the rear brass spacer. Blade is clean, no cracks / checks in the wood handle. Great knife.

The stainless steel triathlete is older and of the "drop nose" variety, an earlier grind different from the modern day version being produced. Unused with original edge, blade is clean.

Both knives fit in to the original tandem "piggyback" sheath with baby dot snaps, made by Sullivan. The knife inserts in to the sheath in the standard way, the Triathlete fits in the front pouch and the keeper strap snaps in place through the hole in the handle. Simple and effective. The sheath is in excellent condition with just a few light scuffs here and there and some darkness at the throat and on the keeper strap from past knife storage. (see photo 7)

9 photos for review – as shown, a green canvas case with RMK tab is included. (I'll also include a matching case for the Triathlete) This is a somewhat hard to find tandem rig perfect for carry or collection purposes, as time goes by these older piggyback rigs will become harder and harder to find. Thanks and good luck.