Summary: an outstanding model 4 with provenance. This is a very early (1940’s / WWII) model 4 with a 5” tool steel blade, brass guard, leather handle and dura butt cap. Original owners name shop etched on the blade, reads “COMDR. O.D. WEED U.S.C.G.” The knife is in excellent condition, blade has a few areas of pitting and a few scratches but it does not look to have been reworked, reground or shop cleaned. You might find a few light handling marks on the hilt and butt, but the reality is that the knife is really in super clean condition.

The left-side carry riveted Heiser sheath is in excellent condition, all stitching tight with working snaps. The Heiser stamp is clear and legible, nothing but light handling / carry marks on both sides. A thinner eggshell colored sharpening stone in the front pouch, no clue if it’s the original or not.

12 photos of the knife / sheath / provenance – as shown, a new RMK carry case is included. This knife has traded hands a couple of times in the past decade, most notably when the late Grady McCotter sold it back in June of 2007. Based on the market in 2007, I’d bet the farm it sold for a good bit more than my current asking price. This is a great knife with provenance, some I found and photographed as shown in the last few photos. Worth more than my asking... don’t miss out. Thanks and good luck.