Randall Knife Model # 8 Bird & Trout
Published in the Randall Knife Society Newsletter – Issue 68, November 2005 on page 4.
Made – Late 40’s.
Condition – Lightly used.

Blade – 4" carbon steel. Light sharpening marks on both sides. No pitting on either sides of the blade, extremely faint carbon darkening in some areas, this can be seen in the pictures not when viewing the knife with the naked eye. The letter “K” is etched on the blade.

Hilt- Small reduced nickel silver hilt.

Handle – Seven spacers, flawless, un-cracked ivory handle which has a nickel silver pin.

Sheath – Early Heiser with brown painted Heiser logo snap.

Summary: a very rare late 1940’s pinned ivory Bird & Trout that was featured in the Randall Knife Society Newsletter back in 2005. Some light marks on the blade, no pitting. The pinned ivory handle without cracks… pretty much flawless. The sheath exhibits some handling marks and a few scuffs on the painted Heiser logo button, all quite minor considering age.

11 photos for review – as shown, an embroidered RMK carry case is included. This is definitely a rare find, the perfect knife to tuck away for investment purposes. Thanks and good luck.