Summary: a vintage 1940’s Randall model 7 with 5” tool steel blade, nickel silver hilt and pinned ivory handle. Blade shop etched with original owners name on the back, full blade that’s been buffed up at some point in the past. (buffed = bright blade finish) The nickel hilt with a few handling marks, the pinned ivory handle with aged coloring and a couple of cracks on the bottom.

The right side carry brown-button riveted Heiser sheath with some carry wear / handling marks front and back, all quite normal considering age. The snaps functions perfectly, a bit of a double Heiser stamp but still clear and legible. While issued by RMK, I think the Washita is an early 1950’s stone. (don’t quote me, going by memory) I think the original would have been a green label Soft Arkansas. That said, the Washita in it’s unused condition is worth a couple of hundred all by itself.

12 photos for review – as shown, an older Randall Made Knives carry case is included. I could go on and on about the rarity of this early pinned ivory knife, it’s 70+ years old and pinned ivory knives from the 1940’s are few and far between. Yeah, the blade is bright and ugly. That said, you can ship it to the shop and for under $100 round trip they’ll have it looking like new. Then you’ll be in it under $1500 and have a knife worth a couple of grand. Not a bad investment, right? Thanks and good luck.