1943 Randall #1-8 Fighting Knife
8" Tool Steel Blade / Great Stamp
Brass Guard
Leather Handle & Duralumin Butt
Wrist Thong Link
Brass Nut, Washer & Original Lanyard
Riveted Heiser Sheath
Stone Pocket Removed
Randall Knives Carry Case

8" WWII Fighter - 1943

For consideration is a really neat carried WWII model 1 circa mid to late 1943. This fighter has been there. Unfortunately I don't have provenance for this one, but it is evident it has seen service.

The broad and thick blade is just about 8-1/8" with a nice "hump" which is typical for the mid-1943 and beyond fighters. The overall length not including the wrist thong link is 12-7/8", a big and heavy fighter.

The blade flat goes out to the tip and adds to the heft of this large fighter. Hammer marks from the forging process are visible that lend to the truly old school hand made beauty of a Randall Made Knife.

The blade has a great patina and shows some carbon spotting and small inclusions, but nothing that is a real distraction. After all, it was carried either in the European or Pacific Theater! There is one small nick in the edge that lends to the obvious use by a GI in war time and would almost be expected in a nearly 75 year old warhorse. If it could only tell stories.

The brass hilt fits well with the overall appearance of this knife and it's thick and well proportioned. I have seen various shapes of hilts during this period, and this is definitely of the more substantial type.

The handle is large and fills the hand nicely and has the "cigar" shape seen during this time frame. There is absolutely no movement of any kind in the handle, all very tight. The five medium thick spacers at the hilt are solid as are the spacers at the butt. The duralumin butt cap shows the scars you would expect to find on a knife that is in original war carried condition. The wrist thong link is good and has the original wrist thong. All this is held together with a brass nut and washer.

The sheath is the correct H.H. Heiser left hand riveted model of the period. It also shows use and carry, and was modified by removal of the stone pouch, typical of many servicemen through Viet Nam and perhaps to this day. The sheath is solid and pliable and the stitching good with a couple of frays on the back of the sheaths. The rivets are intact with no issues. The keeper strap works well with no issues.

All in all this is an excellent example of a carried WWII fighter for the guy looking for something besides a sock drawer knife. This one's been there and done that…. unfettered and original but for the removed stone pocket. Thanks and good luck.