Summary: this is a Randall Model 15/18 with #18 hollow handle and rare #15 length Bowie grind. Stainless blade, rare Bowie clip option, two butt caps (white Marbles compass in one, no compass in other), Johnson roughback sheath with original stone and paracord.

The knife and sheath are in basically new condition. There is a little darkening on the throat of the sheath. Knife is beautifully made - everything lines up perfectly.

This knife is featured in "Randall Knives: A Reference Book" by Sheldon Wickersham on page 137, it was also originally purchased from the author as indicated in the included letter. Zippered case, letter from Sheldon Wickersham, and a surprise survival gift inside the handle is included.

4 photos for review... everything shown is included. This is a great opportunity to pick up a very rare 15/18 hybrid, very few were made and as Sheldon Wickersham states "the only one I've ever seen with the Bowie style clip-point blade grind, and may well be a one of a kind Randall knife". Unused / excellent+++ or better condition... check it out! Thanks and good luck.